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Full Version: Help needed with Installing .world files.
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I need some help with installing .world files, my computer didnt put a default installer for these files so when i double click them i cant install them, it says i need to find a program to open. Please tell me how to install custom worlds, which .exe to use and assign them so they can install themselves? Please tell me what you people have as default .exe file for .world files.

After this is done i might show some more screenies of my project.
I am sorry but I have no idea, I have only ever installed them by double clicking...hopefully someone else will know so you can get it sorted out.
Normally when you right click some thing select show info and it should show which program it is using to execute.
Mine says Sims3Launcher UH HUH
Is that a .worldfile or a .sims3pack file, because when i set it to that my sims 3 launcher opens but it doesnt show the world in downloads or anything or is it supposed not to show custom worlds?
It is a sims 3 pack file...I never installed a world file, I always converted it to sims 3 pack first.
(05-11-2010 01:16 PM)ukpoppyberry Wrote: [ -> ]It is a sims 3 pack file...I never installed a world file, I always converted it to sims 3 pack first.

Could you tell me how i can convert it? Also i got a world file to show up in the neighborhood selection in the main menu but it gives errors so i think it should indeed be converted.
In CAW you will need to go to file (top left corner) and then select world to export, then choose your world. If it asks you for a thumbnail and description you will need to do that first by adding a picture of your world (it needs to be a png format file 256x256 pixels) I have a test one attached somewhere if you need it for testing. And add the description, that can be something very short.

Add the description and the thumbnail by right clicking world layer of the world you want to convert.

You can do that and go get a nice pic of your world to convert, then repeat the same thing over but with a new thumbnail.

Here is the thread where the pic is attached.
Where does it save the exported worlds? and thanks fo0r helping me out with this :)
I think it saves them to the exports file, that is found in documents/ElectronicArts/Sims3/Exports WINK

And no problem...hope you get it sorted FRIENDS
Looks like Poppy's already got you covered WINK but what she said - to install a world in the game it needs to be exported to a Sims3Pack file first. The raw version of worlds CaW uses and the finished version the game uses aren't the same. (For one thing the CaW versions have many, many files, and the game version just has one.)
Guys, guys, guys!!!

This is simpler than you're making it!!!

If you have an existing .world file, and that's all you received, here's the place it goes:

...[My] Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Installed Worlds

That's it. When a .Sims3Pack file is double-clicked and installed through the Launcher, that's the ONLY file that goes into your game!

When you build a world in CaW, then subsequently EXPORT it, it will make the .Sims3Pack file, which is only a "squashed" ARCHIVE of the .world file itself. It's that .world file that makes the world run in your game.

Just put it in the correct folder (outlined above), and you're in. It's ready to go. Go in, make a new hood/world, and start to play it, but be sure to SAVE it at some point, with its new name, so you still have the original .world to start over again with. Once you SAVE it, it will go to your "Saves" folder.

Once a .world file has been generated, there is NO WAY to open that particular, exported world in CaW. It won't work. Period. Not at this time, anyway. Otherwise, we'd be able to operate on the existing SAVES in our game. We're not allowed to to do that with this tool, however. That's probably mainly because CaW would LOSE your Sims!
Ok, you're confusing me, Linda... UH HUH
I've just looked at my game files. The test copy I exported and installed of Twin Rivers is 33,536 KB while the raw CaW version is 27,109 KB. The raw version also has all the layer data, which includes things like spawners and objects, seperate. The lot data is also seperate. And I know for a fact, now that I'm thinking of it, that the large lot version of Builderville somehow lost the entire lots subfolder at some point - and that this caused all the lot zones to vanish from CaW and EiG.

I really don't see how it can work the way you said Linda - not unless the world was exported from CaW and installed by someone else first, and then they redistributed the converted uncompressed version from their Installed Worlds folder.

And saves aren't the same thing as worlds... if you save a world you're playing in the game, it should immediately save to your saves folder, and not modify your Installed Worlds folder at all. I think you're probably thinking of the early days when you distributed blank versions of Sunset Valley and Riverview using a save file. In that case, you would need to save as under a new name to preserve the original blank copy.

I do know that in TS2 Bodyshop, I initially tried zipping a package file of my clothing that was located in it's folders (not the version in the working directory I believe, as that had several parts to it) and distributing that, and was told that the file did not work. I had to save it into my game first to get the "finished" version that the game could read, and then zip the file from the Downloads folder.

Am I being contrary enough yet? UH HUH
It really does work that way, Meadow (the part about the .world file). If you have installed, for instance, Riverview, using the .Sims3Pack installer, the file that it installs into the Installed Worlds folder/directory is:

That's the only file it adds. I've experimented with this, by being sure I had a backup copy of the file, then completely uninstalling Riverview (and any saved worlds made from it--making sure they're backed up, too, of course). Then I copied the file back into my Installed Worlds folder, and it works just as it did in the beginning. There's nothing else to add.

When you go into the main menu of the game, in order to USE any world in your Installed Worlds folder, you have to click the PLUS sign (New Game...hovered over, it says Start a New Game).

When you do that, all the .world files that are enclosed in your Installed Worlds folder will be shown.

You choose the one you want to work with, at that point. When you click on one of them, the picture comes up at the left, and to go in and play your New World, you click the check mark at the bottom. When you go to quit, you'll be asked what you want to NAME your new world. The default would be the same name of the .world file.

You are right about the SAVES not affecting the original .world file, though...I was thinking wrongly there. Sorry about that.

Still...I tend to name my new worlds differently than the default name, so that I can have several versions in my game, using the same map, but not having the same name. That's just my choice.

What I was saying about not being able to put your world BACK into CaW, is also true. If you only have the .world file, or even if you have the .Sims3Pack file, there is no way you can put the world back into CaW to make any changes in it. Once you EXPORT the world out of CaW, the only way you can make changes to that same world is to work on your files as they were BEFORE you exported. The exported world will never again work in CaW. Period. That's why they gave us the Riverview and Sunset Valley LITE files...they have nothing on them but the bare maps. You have to do your own lot placements, spawners, etc. You would want to name your project something BESIDES Riverview or Sunset Valley, though, because if you export them with JUST THOSE NAMES, the .Sims3Pak installer you create will at least try to install them over the original ones. The game might not let you, knowing that you have to completely uninstall test games in order to install a world made from the same original CaW files, but just in case...I'd export a world made with those LITE maps, as worlds by other names.
The problem is solved :) i tested my world and i see i still have a lot of work to do with marking places sims cant go. Unless you ever have seen your self walking up a rock wall.
What I'm saying, Linda, is that I believe the export process in CaW creates a new, different .world file - one that merges in all the layers and lots and such. If you take a world that is already in the Installed Worlds folder on one computer and copy it into that folder on another, yes, that's the only file needed. But if it's a world that's in the process of being created in CaW, by copying only the .world file, I believe you will lose most of your world, like lots, if it works at all.

In support of this, there's the different file sizes pre-export and after-export of Twin Rivers, and the fact that all the lots vanished from Builderville after the subfolder containing the lots mysteriously got wiped.

Have you tried installing a world straight from CaW the way you're saying?

I name my saves differently, too, from the start. I've also gotten into the habit of using Save As every once in a while or after doing a lot of work or before making massive changes to my neighborhood as a guard against corruption (or deciding I don't like the way I handled the massive changes, after all, and wanting to try another way).

Actually... reading what you just said again, I think we're confusing each other. I'm talking about the need to export/convert a world from CaW before getting it into the game, which seemed what Quotex was asking, and I think you're talking about installing worlds that were already exported/converted.

Also, he said this earlier, so it sounds like he may have tried it your way already.

Quotex Wrote:Could you tell me how i can convert it? Also i got a world file to show up in the neighborhood selection in the main menu but it gives errors so i think it should indeed be converted.

And I'm sure everyone else here is staring at us with spinning heads by now lol.


Don't mind us, Quotex - me and Linda are the ones who do crazy things around here so we can go and break into a spontaneous debate when we disagree on something lol.

The one I'm working on now is going to be the opposite of the way yours is behaving right now... I'm going to end up blocking out paths that look perfectly transversable... which is one of those things that always drove me crazy, yet here I go doing it. EVIL LAUGH
You both lost
I think that's what we do best! lol
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